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Gryszczeniówka | Corporate offer

You’re welcome to try our offer:

Active time spent together is a long established way to build good relationships in a team. Accommodating to the needs of modern companies, we would like to offer our premises for integration parties and outdoor banquets. The main dining hall of our Inn can seat 80. During the Summer, you can also use the garden area, which can accommodate many more. We also offer overnight stay.

During your integration parties we offer various activities: quad rides, paintball, games organised by professionals. We cooperate with companies like TRYGON while organising your party. We’re open to your requests and ideas.

Our restaurant is the perfect spot for business meetings. We provide a good atmosphere and tasty, filling meals. Our menu is traditionally local.

The dishes served by our restaurant are characterised by their masterful simplicity of form. Our specialty is handmade Pierogi.

On our menu, you will find breakfast, dinner and dessert options as well as other choices.

The Gryszczeniówka Inn is suited for organising business training meetings. The charming interiors and picturesque surroundings of our premises make all workshops more attractive and leave all attendees with pleasant memories. At your disposal is a 40 seat room with an overhead projector, a screen and a flipchart. During your breaks, the restaurant will provide tasty, filling meals for all of your attendees.
The Gryszczeniówka Inn door is always open for you. Our guestrooms not only await tourists and professionals attending integration parties but also your remote employees or your firm’s guests. A stay at our Inn is a guarantee of a healthy goodnight sleep at a reasonable price.

The Inn is located near Poznań (15 minutes away from the city), on the Poznań-Oborniki road.

Catering services for corporate clients allow to organise a common meal quickly and effectively. We offer lunch or dinner for large and small groups. We can provide crockery and all table services. Menu and prices to be agreed.

We remain open to your needs and suggestions.

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Sample offer for integration workshops

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