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While visiting the Gryszczeniówka Inn, you must try our family specialty – Pierogi from Wargowo.

Pierogi z Wargowa - Lista Produktów Tradycyjnych Ministra Rolnictwa i Rozwoju WsiThis delicacy appears on the List of Traditional Products by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as a specialty of our region (i.e. the Wargowo area). Some of our Pierogi recipes are over a hundred years old!

Accorging to the surviving recipes, the pierogi dough used to be made by adding lukewarm water, salt, egg or egg yolk to the flour (sometimes with a little butter). Today the dough is made only from flour and water. Every family in Wargowo garnishes their Pierogi a little different but the general rule is: fried bacon with onion for savoury fillings, melted butter with sugar (sometimes with a dash of vanilla, cinnamon or cream) for sweet fillings.

Pierogi z Wargowa
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